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PORCELAIN PLANT : Locke Insulators

Locke Insulators was founded in 1893 by Fred M. Locke. It is the first porcelain insulator manufacturer in North America. Locke began a relationship with General Electric in 1920 and moved the corporate headquarters to Baltimore in 1922. In 1974, GE sold a majority interest to NGK Insulators, Ltd. of Japan.

NGK introduced new technologies to Locke, adding such products as DC fog suspension insulators, high strength solid-core station post insulators for higher voltages and gas circuit breaker bushing porcelains. Finally in 1989, Locke became wholly owned by NGK Insulators, Ltd.

Over the years, the Locke plant in Baltimore maintained its reputation for technical advances and solid developmental growth. Dedicated engineers conducted design research, and our factory’s craftsmen performed meticulous handiwork to produce the kind of detail and quality that was expected in a diverse, demanding power industry.

During the 1990s, Locke decided to concentrate on the production of station post products and invested in process improvements, increasing productivity and production capacity expansion to meet the growing demands for this type of insulator. By the end of 2010, Locke’s capacity had increased almost double over that of 1999. Since 2010, Locke has and will continue to make improvements in production reliability.

In full operation at all times, the plant delivers high quality porcelain station post insulators to North American customers and is poised to deliver the highest quality of products well into this new century.

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